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About Lynne

Welcome to LYNNE CURTIN DESIGNS where you can shop the latest fashion designs from the designers vision  


Lynne Curtin Designs is proud of carefully designing each and every piece of jewelry using exotic leathers and metals with extravagant emblems and fashionable accents.  We are constantly designing new lines and stay apprised of the latest styles.


From the Designer Herself: Lynne Curtin loves the rocker & bohemian glamor style.

"When I get a design in my head, I envision my envisioned piece on a leather cuff and get a feel for it to see if the flow is right. If not, it doesn’t make it to production. I love the bold and glamorous style and always make a statement with my designs. I want you to be stopped when wearing my jewelry designs and asked where you got it and what it means.  My vision is my joy.”  

Lynne Curtin 


Each Lynne Curtin Jewelry is hand crafted and selected with the finest imported leathers and skins.  Leathers are selected from fine leather traders.

Lynne Curtin hand-selects leathers based on style, color, quality and texture and combines these fine leathers with her jewelry designs.  As fashion seasons change, Lynne focuses on wardrobes that are forthcoming to ensure your selections blend artfully.

There is a careful thought process that goes into each and every piece of jewelry and the focus is always on coordinating accessories that match clothing and purse styles. When you purchase a Lynne Curtin design, you will find they are timeless, versatile, and a must for every woman’s wardrobe. 


Lynne Curtin chooses the finest leathers exotic leathers from all over the world, continually shopping the continents.  Each hand selected leather is carefully inspected prior to being placed in inventory.


Lynne Curtin enjoys designing the variety of stylish emblems and uses the finest Swarovski crystals and fine genuine gemstones on the Couture Collection. Metals are made of 24 karat gold electroplated combinations and rhodium dipped white protected metals.  The Couture Collection is made of the finest gold and sterling precious metals.


Each piece of jewelry is thoroughly inspected during every part of the process. Production starts with picking hand selecting fine leathers through the production process.  Then, each item is inspected prior to shipment. Your satisfaction is our goal.

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